Treachery In Turtle Bay II

Oil ~ Dollars ~ Diplomacy & The Sinister Three
G. Hugh Bodell

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Published By Sprig Media Group - New York   (July 19, 2010)

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The Treachery In Turtle Bay Collection is the inaugural set of G. Hugh Bodell's Anna & Hugh Masterson International Mystery Series.

Anna & Hugh Masterson, the techno-sleuthing couple that 'star' in the series, were launched into the roles of a non-traditional Robin Hood like couple in book one of the series by circumstances growing out of Hugh's black and white view of right and wrong.

Treachery In Turtle Bay II ~ Oil ~ Dollars ~ Diplomacy & The Sinister Three is the second novel in both the Treachery In Turtle Bay Collection and the Anna & Hugh Masterson International Mystery Series.

The sleuthing couple have evolved from their first accidental venture of 'recovery and retribution' into a far more cynical duo who are perfecting not only the recovering of stolen loot but equally as intriguing the netting out of unique justice.  At the opening of this number two in the series, they are very different people than the consultant and actress that opened book one.

A billion dollars a month is being diverted from the Iraqi oil revenues, thus far over $10 Billion has disappeared.  The mega-scam deeply involves the United Nations, the United States President and his National Security Advisor.

The Mastersons find their resolve sorely tested as they pursue the objectives and find themselves personally the target of ruthless and vicious violence.


The launch had no sooner been lowered from the yacht, when our two security people emerged from the separate security building at the west side of the property, about 250 feet from the beach.  Both were carrying M4 Carbines, an automatic weapon capable of firing between 700 and 1,000 rounds per minute of 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge.  Simply put an effective and deadly weapon.

The first one out of the building, Roger, went down to the east side of the beach.  He got down on his stomach on a small sand dune and sighted in on the incoming tender.

Alberto, his partner, went to the west end of our beach where there is a small grove of 40 foot high palm trees and stationed himself in the center of the cluster.  Apparently, Alberto had decided that he was not going to depend on a spray of bullets to defend the villa from bad guys.  He had affixed an M203 grenade launcher to his Carbine, and although the effective range was only 492 feet, it was great enough that if the passengers aboard the incoming boat ignored any instructions given to them, and appeared threatening, they could and would be ‘dealt with’.

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Oil ~ Dollars ~ Diplomacy & The Sinister Three

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