Treachery In Turtle Bay
                                        G. Hugh Bodell

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Published By Sprig Media Group - New York   (July 15, 2010)

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Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a neighborhood in New York City, on the east side of Midtown Manhattan. It extends between 42nd and 53rd Streets and eastward from Lexington Avenue to the East River, across from Roosevelt Island. It was named after an actual bay that was filled in and is now the site of the United Nations Headquarters.



October 27, 2005, the Independent Inquiry Committee into The United Nations Oil for Food Programme, issued its final report.  The huge (630 pages) report was sub-titled, “Manipulation Of The Oil-For-Food Programme By The Iraqi Regime – Oil Transactions and Illicit Payments; Humanitarian Goods Transactions and Illicit Payments; The Escrow Bank and the Inspection Companies; Other UN-Related Issues”.

Most people, both in and out of the United Nations, never got past the first sentence in the second paragraph of the summary.  It reads, “Under the Programme, the Government of Iraq sold $64.2 billion of oil to 248 companies.  In turn, 3,614 companies sold $34.5 billion of humanitarian goods to Iraq”.

The difference between the income from oil sales and the outgo to buy humanitarian goods was 29.7 Billion Dollars.

What happened to that $29,700,000,000?



June 5, 2006, a man plummets from the window of his twentieth story apartment.  His body is splattered over the walkways and bushes of a small park on East 45th Street in New York City.  Hugh Masterson is about to cut through the park on his way to work when he is stopped by security personnel.



Later that day Hugh, a consultant to the United Nations, learns that he not only knows the dead man, an officer in the United Nations’ Procurement Division, but also is in his debt for a past kindness.

Things don’t add up when the United Nations Senior Management declare the incident a suicide.  Hugh finds himself compelled to look into the real story behind the twenty-story plunge.  Did he jump or was he pushed?

So begins an odyssey of intrigue, technology laced sleuthing and murder that takes Hugh and his wife Anna from the highest levels of the United Nations to the highest levels of the United States Government.


I made the mistake of looking past Mike, through the open door and into the park. Apparently, the cleanup had not yet been completed, or possibly not yet begun. I could see the body bag on the ground next to one of the benches, but there were still small pools of blood on and around the bench. I saw small clumps of what possibly were pieces of his brain or some other body parts. I concluded this because they were circled in yellow chalk marks on the stone surface of the park. More to clear my brain of the vision, I looked up to the trees in the park only to see what looked like a light colored silken robe. It was ripped but much of it had stuck in the branches of the fifty-foot trees that were all over the small park. Now who the hell puts on a silk robe to jump out the twentieth story window of their apartment?



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